Greetings, I’m Rachel!


And I’m on a quest to explore the mythical places of the world!

I’ve always been a bit of a dreamer. Growing up in the beautiful mountains of Montana, I spent many a day scouring the forests for faeries and unicorns, and yearned to be whisked away to magical worlds like the characters in my books.

I even attempted to transport myself…

Mural 1

…using paint.

As I grew older, I switched from acrylics to words. I dreamt of becoming a writer—a spinner of tales, a weaver of mystical kingdoms, a forger of fantasy.

Fast-forward a decade, and I found myself a college graduate in Portland, Oregon facing the realities of life—paying rent, building a resume, etc. Though I love Portland for its amazing food and “proud to be weird” culture, I was suffocating on stale office air, still bitter that I had never received my Hogwarts letter, and I had to escape.

So in 2014, I kissed my desk job goodbye, strapped on a backpack, and embarked upon grand adventures through Southeast Asia and Europe, documenting my experiences in a blog to scratch my writing itch.

I was besotted—overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of our glorious Earth. Not surprisingly, I’ve been self-diagnosed with a chronic case of the “travel bug” ever since.

When my dreams of telling fantastical tales resurfaced, I moved to London to complete a Creative Writing & Publishing MA. Afterwards, under the constant stare of my childhood wall-faeries, I wrote my first fantasy novel, a tale in which the heroine must solve a number of riddles that will lead her to  mythical places around the globe.

But, I found my knowledge of such locations lacking.

Thus, Chasing Legends and Lore was born! By combining my love of travel, my compulsion to write, and my lifelong interest in all things enchanting, I’ve dubbed it my mission to explore those places on earth steeped in mythology, legend, and folklore!

All in the name of novel research, of course…